September 26th 2082 — Ava Silurian passed away today, surrounded by family and friends.

Writing was one of Ava’s greatest joys in life, among other delights such as cuddling with cats, going on midnight hikes and drinking coffee.

“In times of despair,” Ava said, “to write was to be empowered. My own writing could silence negative self-talk. In sharing my writing, I hoped to empower others. I must say though, selfishly, writing it for me was enough. I saved myself with these words. It is my proudest achievement.”

On why she loved writing science fiction: “It is my favorite genre to read because it bends my mind. It feels to my mind like it feels to my body to discover a new yoga pose. It is discovery, stretching, new territory. In my writing, I can play with my characters in these absurd settings, which is so fun. I can explore the questions we as a society are grappling with daily: How do we live on a planet with finite resources? Why are we here? Is there other intelligent life out there beyond the moon? What is intelligence?”

“Thank you for being here. Thank you for engaging. I appreciate you.”